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Direct Marketing can only be as successful as the creative behind it. Not only can PDS Direct Marketing help you reach your target audience, we can also help you speak to them through strategic creative that embodies the qualities your demographic possesses. 

We can create a concise, cohesive creative strategy that integrates your brand identity with the marketing objectives of your campaign because we understand the effect our collateral has on penetrating the market.  By understanding the tools to reach your audience PDS Direct Marketing can exploit the influence marketing materials can have by their reach.


There is more to the design of any marketing piece than just beautiful imagery and captivating copy. PDS Direct Marketing understands the established guidelines and industry standards for any marketing piece, which allows us to customize layouts to fit the existing parameters.

Our extensive knowledge of trade requirements inform us of the best ways to optimize design in the planning stage so as to be the most efficient, the most effective, and the most complete from concept to design that remains consistent with your brand while complying with trade specifications. 

Efficiency and knowledge that informs design ensures quality editorial content that is delivered on time and on budget.

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