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While our Data Services are tailored to fit each client's unique needs, we run all data through a proprietary Data Hygiene Process to include Merge/Purge for Consumer and B2B audiences, as well as processing programming standards. We'll also determine if your data needs a more detailed hygiene process. From Data Entry, Data Processing or Database Programming of existing or newly acquired information, we'll ensure that you always have the best possible data.

Your organization's information is important and PDS Direct Marketing understands that. We are an authorized vendor, and have been entrusted with proprietary customer information for more than 45 global brands. We assist clients with maintaining Compliance Standards by employing a unique data coding process.


Not all lists are created equal. Ensuring that you obtain the right list is essential to how well your campaigns perform once they are launched. PDS Direct Marketing can assist with the proper Acquisition and Fulfillment of your lists. By using Target Audience Mapping, we can view and determine optimal existing client populations as well as those of potential clients. PDS Direct Marketing can also help you determine where your competitors are in relation to your target audience and your business.

Once we have determined the best list for your marketing strategy, PDS Direct Marketing will work to ensure that the list contains the specific criteria to focus on your target demographic. You never have to worry about missing information, because PDS Direct Marketing conducts a thorough process of Appending missing information, whether it's telephone numbers, physical and email addresses, or name standardization.

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